I love writing. It's said that everyone has a book in them, and my fourth is on its way! I wrote a novel back in 2010, and since then have written non-fiction books. I write the guides I wish I'd had at various stages in my life. They'd have saved me so much time and hassle, so now I'm sharing what I've learned. 

Coming soon... The book I wish I'd had when I started both my PhDs! As I've had two PhD experiences, it made sense to share what I've learned.

I wrote a novel inspired by indie music, the dynamics of friendships, and the way that finding out old secrets can change your life.

If you've never joined a gym before, read this first! I spent several years as a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Even though I was an experienced gym user, my instructor training soon showed me how many mistakes I'd been making. 

I used gyms for five years before I did any instructor training, and didn't realise how much better my workouts could have been - both quicker and more effective. Instead, I ploughed away at boring gym routines and didn't see the results I wanted. Don't be like me - read this!